We support hedge funds comprehensively with robust solutions that address:

  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Order Generation and Rebalancing
  • Data Management
  • Risk and Compliance

TradeSmart® offers a unique set of tools for alternative managers that spans the core functions of portfolio management activities, from positions, P&L, allocations and rebalancing, to post-trade functions and reporting. Coupled with the comprehensive and intuitive range of trading tools of the leading EMS, the system integrates seamlessly into buy side traders' established workflow and can meet the requirements of the most complex global trading operations.

Grounded in expertise and experience, our technical teams work around the clock, so you can focus on what matters to you, and let our solutions handle the rest.

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Not only is the EMS connected to brokers, but the OMS is connected to prime brokers and administrators via automated start-of-day imports and end-of-day exports. Multiple prime broker feeds can be easily consolidated.


In-memory, real-time position keeping with multiple accounting methods, historical positions, and P&L. Asset classes covered include equities, CFDs, futures, options, FX and fixed income.


Numerous functionalities from best-fit allocations to client-prime and broker-administrator reconciliation are available.


First-class risk analytics are fully embedded in every function of the system, including value at risk (VaR), volatility, and benchmark beta and correlations.


Flexible, template-based pre-trade and post-trade compliance rules.


Flexible data warehouse supports multi-prime clearing and operational reporting, integration with administrators and trade audit trails with TCA and execution reports.


Aggregation of the financing market EZTB (easy to borrow) lists from leading lenders streamlines the short-sell workflow.