In a single window on the TRADESMART® platform, a trader can access all liquidity available through our low latency FX price streams provided by banks, non-banks and inter-dealers and ECNs. Liquidity is aggregated in a single ticket creating top of book best execution. Streaming prices, as well as RFQs, are aggregated in this single window for Spot, FWDs, NDFs, metals and swaps. Further demonstrating TRADINGSCREEN's commitment to customization, proprietary and broker algorithmic models are available. Buy side traders are empowered to dynamically hedge secondary forex exposures within the platform via its unique multi-asset class functionality. 

This fully customizable solution empowers buy side traders to make real time decisions based on the market and manage trade flow to control information leakage. The SaaS-based platform ensures fast deployment and access to data centers globally. 

When it comes to FX trading, global access is king. Learn more about TRADINGSCREEN's global capabilities below.

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Workflow Solutions

Multi-asset class platform that integrates with prime brokers' and fund admins' start-of-day services, end-of-day routing and leading order management systems, enabling seamless order staging and real time straight-through-processing 

Multiple Client Interfaces

TRADESMART interfaces include HTML 5 web version, excel for strategy trading, FIX API and a rules-based automated execution

Optimizing Execution

Access FX algos from numerous providers in a single ticket, feature-rich GUI tailored to client's needs, ability to preference liquidity providers


Coverage for all tradable currency pairs (including exotic NDFs), multiple order types, hosted solution enables fast deployment 

Liquidity Aggregation

Low latency FX price streams across banks, non-banks and inter-dealer brokers, ECNs, streaming capabilities for spot, FWDs, NDFs & metals

Risk & Compliance

Pre-Trade allocations and credit check, enforcement of broker restrictions, customizable trading limits