Enterprise Data Management 

A Data-as-a-Service platform that provides the capital markets industry with real-time, historical and referential data.

We provide an enterprise data management (EDM) platform as an extension of our award-winning global multi-asset SaaS trading platform. Our data-as-a-service (DaaS) product offering is designed to provide on-demand access to financial data necessary to drive today’s trading and regulatory requirements and integrate within a firm’s technological ecosystem.


Leverage the most powerful fintech distribution platform available today to reduce time and technology spend.

TS offer a suite of API technologies which allow developers to create and integrate proprietary applications utilizing our back-end services, infrastructure and multi-asset class data repositories.

Our suite of APIs is available via REST API, JAVA/C# SDKs and Microsoft COM API and offer unlimited flexibility to choose the right technology for your development project.

FIX as a Service       

Global middleware solutions to increase operational efficiency and lower implementation costs.

TS operates one of the market's largest global multi-asset FIX network communities, offering trading workflows that cover the complete trade life cycle. Offering true data normalization across every asset class, protocol, message and workflow, our global community outsources the entire process of on-boarding and certifying new trading counterparts.

FIX Sessions are ‘state-aware’, running on highly-available clustered hardware. Our proprietary FIX engine also support message and protocol translation to and from FIX, SWIFT, FpML, XML and proprietary message formats.

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TS Excel Add-in includes over 80 Functions which provide a user the ability to create customized workflows utilizing TS data, order creation, execution services and trading analytics. It brings together the ability to retrieve real-time, low-latency market data, automate trading, dynamically manage positions and build advanced multi-asset class and multi-leg strategies within a single front-end.

Users can export data to build proprietary worksheets, or select from the vast unique templates within our Excel library.

Combining Microsoft Excel with the power of TS SaaS technology allows clients a superior competitive edge to compete in today’s global marketplace.

Network Connectivity 

Consolidate and standardize global connectivity requirements, across every layer of the technology stack.

Our network connectivity solution is completely distributed and available in any of our global points of presence. Our PoPs have been strategically positioned globally across the major financial centers. Our network is entirely automated and offers a completely managed global financial extranet, providing dedicated and monitored bandwidth between members in any region.