TRADINGSCREEN's EOMS for Corporate Bonds enables Best Execution

  • November 8th 2016
  • - 1 min read

TRADINGSCREEN'S COO and Co-Founder Joseph Ahearn was recently interviewed by THE DESK's Anna Reitman. This article debuts just as TS attends the Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Barcelona.

E/OMS providers need to overcome political hurdles to help the buy side navigate credit’s fractured markets. They need to understand the changing landscape of trading corporate bonds: it becomes electronic, transparent and accessible to global communities. TRADINGSCREEN, a provider of E/OMS technology recently deployed the TRADEEXCHANGE product to underpin SGX’s Bond Pro platform and in September 2016 launched its own TRADECROSS venue in Europe.

Joe Ahearn, co-founder and COO of TRADINGSCREEN, says the firm’s FIX API for fixed income supports the multiple protocols including auction, crossing, negotiations, firm and indicative request for quote, countering and request for stream. He expects this will continue to evolve with clients’ needs.

Ahearn says: “Fixed income will take a path similar to the national-best-bid-offer, where best execution will require that all orders be shown to different platforms.”

Read the entire interview here.